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Special EventsPosted by Jon-Birger Løvik Wed, October 12, 2011 09:53:59
After promising you movies several times. it is now time to take the leaf away smiley
the truth is, that this blog does not support videos.
but I've created a youtube account and uploaded some movies.

i will not list details about them all here now, because i've uploaded 10 movies.
but in short, they show a small part of the incubation, the moving of the fry from incubation into startfeeding. and you see our startfeeding tanks. and video from the well and the site.

and for those of you who have knowledge of incubation; YES we are missing "biobunn klekkesubstrat" (i dont know the english word for that i think it is Hatching substrate). they arrived to late to us. but next time we will use them.

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