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Next batch, todays photo & gradingsystem

Special EventsPosted by Jon-Birger Løvik Fri, October 07, 2011 10:20:53

Todays photo of the construction site.

now with even more sand. only one week left before we have all the sand we need. the small trucks come with 14ton sand, while the big ones has 25tons.

Grading & Pump

here you can se we are starting to mount the buffertanks. the fish is going from the pools to the tank, from the bottom of the tank we will pump the fish up to the grading table.

which will grade in 3 sizes. after that we count and weight them.

Next batch

arrival of the next batch will be about of oktober. since everything went so well, and hopefully will do next time. we have downgraded the number to 70 000 eggs.

we baught some extras last time. for two reasons, one of them was to get a flying start, and the other was to have a blunder-quota. because everything was new built and we have not so much experience yet.

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