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All steel upBreaking news

Posted by Thue Holm Mon, September 10, 2012 18:48:39

Now we are finished with putting up all the steel for the building and getting ruff on by end of this week. 4 weeks to go to get the fish in the system finally. smileyBlog image

Structure and smoltsBreaking news

Posted by Thue Holm Thu, August 02, 2012 16:01:50

We are this week getting the structure on the building and everything as more and less been on the time schedule for the last 2 months so we will move the fish to the system in 8 weeks more.

Blog image

The grading system is up and running and we have got the whole smolt system full of smolts.

Blog image

Blog image

update mayBreaking news

Posted by Thue Holm Thu, May 24, 2012 16:45:34

Production update.

We have now 3 batches in the system

1st Batch: 120 grams and are successfully smoltified

2nd Batch: 10 grams and have entered our Parr system

3rd Batch: 0,7 grams and had a very good start feeding

We will receive the next batch form island in the middle of June.

Blog imageOn project preben has take this very nice picture from the top of the wind mill and construction is now following the time schedule.

Tanks finishedBreaking news

Posted by Thue Holm Tue, May 22, 2012 23:42:20

Now Lundsby is finished with the tanks and I am really happy with the result.

Blog image

Manuel is here and we have had so many interesting discussions. He is the best RAS salmon farmer that I know and the dialogue is all ways so productive. I want to give credit to Jonas from Stofnfiskur because Manuel passed there on the way over from the conference in Seattle. He had so many good inputs to the landbased discussions specially on early maturation and further he gave Manuel a experiences for life taking him around.

tanksBreaking news

Posted by Thue Holm Wed, April 18, 2012 14:09:32

I have not been blogging so much but I will improve it. We have finally starting to put up the tanks and the farm is taking shape.

The fish in the eel farm is doing very good and we are taking in our 4th bacth in mid May and production is as expected. This makes a fish farmer happy.


enough sand...Special Events

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Thu, December 01, 2011 12:59:51

the of november the constuction site is was "full" with sand. level slabs and pillars has been mounted. this is to see how much it sinks. after one week the area sunk over 8 cm. and now between 12 and 15 cm.

lets hope it is stabilised.

"Photo to be added later"

take one dane add with a chilean, and use norwegian as photografer?!Visitors

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Fri, October 14, 2011 14:27:21

Here is the result of having a master in smolt production, and salmon farmer togheter smileyBlog image
This has been very useful for us. we learned alot, and improved our skills in measurements, flow, speed, feeding, ph, salinity, water treatment. and MUCH MUCH more.

Blog image
manuel has made aproximately 200 millions of smolts, so he has a wide knowledge.
"this is a good result for a start " says manuel, but he also says that "in conclusion you are having better result, then i expected. but he also notices a concern about the smolt site, which has not been cleaned enough.

That we must do before moving the fish from Starfeeding to smolt, says Preben.

Expert trainingVisitors

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Wed, October 12, 2011 11:49:57

yesterday, Manuel Godoy arrived. he come all the way from chile.

he will stay with us one small week and teach us "all" he knows, or as much as we can learn smiley

some call it knowledge exchange, but i think it is only one way. so he is actually teaching both Me and Preben.

Manuel is freshwater production manager in Salmones Humboldt.

Blog imageBlog image

InformationSpecial Events

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Wed, October 12, 2011 10:12:22

If anybody has some comments, suggestions or questions, please feel free to entile them to , and I will answear as best, and post the question and answear on the blog.

Also, requests for photos or videos can also be done.

In this means, I am not saying I will do it all. but you can atleast try to convince me smiley

some users has asked me to open for commenting. smiley

I do not want to open for comments in the blog, this will make a lot of work for me, by sorting out for example spam and a lot of other NON-Serious.

For those of you, who want to know the latest news when they arrive, you can subscribe for the RSS FEED . by clicking this link or the rss logo on the right side. on this blog.

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MOVIESSpecial Events

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Wed, October 12, 2011 09:53:59

After promising you movies several times. it is now time to take the leaf away smiley
the truth is, that this blog does not support videos.
but I've created a youtube account and uploaded some movies.

Blog image
i will not list details about them all here now, because i've uploaded 10 movies.
but in short, they show a small part of the incubation, the moving of the fry from incubation into startfeeding. and you see our startfeeding tanks. and video from the well and the site.

and for those of you who have knowledge of incubation; YES we are missing "biobunn klekkesubstrat" (i dont know the english word for that i think it is Hatching substrate). they arrived to late to us. but next time we will use them.

Next batch, todays photo & gradingsystemSpecial Events

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Fri, October 07, 2011 10:20:53

Todays photo of the construction site.

now with even more sand. only one week left before we have all the sand we need. the small trucks come with 14ton sand, while the big ones has 25tons.

Blog image

Grading & Pump

here you can se we are starting to mount the buffertanks. the fish is going from the pools to the tank, from the bottom of the tank we will pump the fish up to the grading table.

which will grade in 3 sizes. after that we count and weight them.

Blog image

Next batch

arrival of the next batch will be about of oktober. since everything went so well, and hopefully will do next time. we have downgraded the number to 70 000 eggs.

we baught some extras last time. for two reasons, one of them was to get a flying start, and the other was to have a blunder-quota. because everything was new built and we have not so much experience yet.

Blog image

Lecture in Helsingfors, Finland.In the media

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Fri, October 07, 2011 10:13:19

Blog image

arrival of the grading machine and pumpSpecial Events

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Mon, September 26, 2011 14:49:12

today, only 3 days delayed, the pump and grading machine was delivered from IRAS. or maybe it was not delayed, just delivery FROM esbjerg was of september.

Blog imageBlog image

after 13 daysSpecial Events

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Mon, September 26, 2011 13:25:25

This is how the fish looks after 13 days in the startfeeding tanks.
i took fish from all the tanks, and all the areas, i.e. from the surface, the bottom and in the middle. it looks like a very high amout of fish has been eating. i can tell by the bump on the stomach and of some of the fish is still transparen.
Blog imageBlog image

Blog image

todays photo from the construction site:

Blog image

Long time, no see....Special Events

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Tue, September 20, 2011 23:19:20

Unfortunally it looks like im the only one blogging. I
have been on vacation for 2 weeks, and when i came back i have been so busy that i haven't been able to update the page. now I'm back. Even stronger smiley of september: A happy Jon-Birger is moving the first 130 fish in a see-trough cup. we moved such a small number, just to confirm and verify our knowledge about the water beeing health and good. because this is a brand new startfeeding with its own resirculationBlog image of september: All of the fry has been moved from incubation into startfeeding. The tray on the photo has around 7100 fryes.Blog image of september: the agrement with IRAS is official. We partner with them, and baught a grading system and a fish pump. to be delivered friday september.Blog image

Our own homemade transport pipesystem. to make easy and gentle transport, we made 2 loops shaped like the letter U. so we have two U's. which have 4 connectors to the grading platform. this gives us great possibilites to move the fish where ever we want. A big thanks to Martin Westergaard for sharing his solution.Blog image of semptember Lykkegaard visited us to present some of their pumps. Karstein Lykkegaard Managing Director & Lars Bjerregaard Sales/EngineerBlog image

Fishmagazin represented by Börn Marnau from germany visited us today. there will be an article about us in the september edition.

Our feeding system from Arvotec arrived.Blog image

"laboratorian" Preben is doing our daily water tests. as usual, stable and good enviroment.Blog image

geologist "name not available" is visiting us every other week now. to see if the earth samples is good and stable. this is very important for our new building. due to her recomandations we are putting EXTRA 3,5 meters of sand on top of Zero-contour. this will be ALOT of sand. the reason is to compress the mud-layer down on 5 meters depth, she say that layer is one meter thick. it is better to compress it now, instand of our new building doing the job. then it might crack or not sink even.Blog image
Alot of caterpillars, trucks, tractors , excavators, articulated trucks and wheel loaders is now filling up the old raceways. first we removed the the old biological material. then we fill with sand. we even got our OWN DUNE smiley to take from.Blog imageBlog image

now i know why Prebens car cost the half of mine... count the numbers of doors.Blog image

Unannounced inspectionSpecial Events

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Fri, August 05, 2011 09:16:03

Yesterday, of august an inspector, Anders Nørskov Stidsen, from the County's Enviroment & Nature department visited us for check.
We showed him the system, all the way from water inn to water out. all our filters and barriers.

On the photo Preben is showing our doubble UV on the outlet.

Blog image

Tender meeting with potential entrepreneursSpecial Events

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Mon, August 01, 2011 13:53:16

First meeting
Today at 10 o'clock the first tender meeting was held. All of the requested entrepreneurs attended.
at first there was a quick introduction of all of the participants.
afterwards there was alot of important questions asked, and the answears made it easy for all the entrepreneurs to have the same base. so no one will be treated different.
a quick walk with site review, look at the well, discussion about the pond race way. ended up with showing the our newborn babiessmiley

now we look forward to have all the tenders about 16-20th august.

Blog imageBlog image

All of the eggs now hatchedBreaking news

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Mon, August 01, 2011 13:42:19

Another Milestone.

This weekend all of the eggs hatched. sunday was the most intensive.

I believe that about 80% hatched togheter.


Blog image

First veterinary visitVisitors

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Tue, July 26, 2011 16:13:04

Today(26th june) should be the first day with veterinary, but unfortunally he could not manage to get here today.
He will come tomorrow. so I will post status after the visit.smiley

For those of you, who are anxious, this is only a routine visit.


Torben Nielsen, managing director in Aquasearch, who is also a veterinarian visited us today 27th june .
It was a very good and confirming visit.
He was introduced to our site, our plans, and of cource a check on our roe and yolk sac fry.
it was great to get such feedback. both mine and prebens resting pulse is now back to normal. as far as we know we have done "nothing" wrong, but it's satisfactory to have some one externally confirming our thoughts and operations.Blog image

We also had a initial discussion on how to keep the site "safe", concerning fish health and possible diseases and general bio-security.
The main objects are:
1: the enviroment close and around the farm(the nearest surroundings)
Everything under roof.
avoid trespassers
keep out the curious such as birds, dogs & people.
make barriers. which make people not cross. example: fence,gate,unnatural obstacles, signs.
ourselves and all the people working, employed or hired. have zones, divided into categories or levels.
2: visitors
must have quaratine of 48hrs or 3 days.
must be registered and sign on a TOA(terms of agrement).
must change outer clothes, change shoes, desinfect hands.
visitors should never touch anything.
3: water quality
check and control the kim numbers in the water regulary. this is for the water coming IN.

the most important is to identify all input, internally transfers and outputs. how they all interact and affects each other. for example; feed delivery, the post man, cargo delivery.

Torben also gave a lot of advices, about temperatur, hatching, startfeeding, handling, ph, oxygen.
I would like to thank Torben for beeing openminded and for sharing his supreme knowledge with us.

Our first yolk sac fryBreaking news

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Tue, July 26, 2011 10:14:00

Blog imageOur first yolk sac fry has hatched.
not many of them, but now we really can se it is starting to move & live in the trays.

IntrafishIn the media

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Mon, July 25, 2011 10:27:30

Blog imageOfficial press release

TV Midt Vest.dkIn the media

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Thu, July 21, 2011 14:53:05

Blog imageTv-midt vest have been here filming our site.
Preben did all the talking, while Jon-Birger was "working" with the eggs.

The link has yet not been published, but will come available soon.

Update: the link is now available.

DR P4 HolstebroIn the media

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Thu, July 21, 2011 14:49:42

Blog imagethis is Dansih radio interviewing Thue Holm

Dagbladet Ringkøbing & SkjernIn the media

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Thu, July 21, 2011 14:49:05

Blog imageAn article from the county's newspaper.

Stocking of eggsBreaking news

Posted by Jon-Birger Løvik Thu, July 21, 2011 14:45:57

Blog imageYesterday we got our 103 000 eggs from Iceland. Hurray!! smiley

late night, about 0045 they were all in the hatching baskets.

Notice the danish flag in the box!?