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take one dane add with a chilean, and use norwegian as photografer?!

VisitorsPosted by Jon-Birger Løvik Fri, October 14, 2011 14:27:21
Here is the result of having a master in smolt production, and salmon farmer togheter smiley
This has been very useful for us. we learned alot, and improved our skills in measurements, flow, speed, feeding, ph, salinity, water treatment. and MUCH MUCH more.

manuel has made aproximately 200 millions of smolts, so he has a wide knowledge.
"this is a good result for a start " says manuel, but he also says that "in conclusion you are having better result, then i expected. but he also notices a concern about the smolt site, which has not been cleaned enough.

That we must do before moving the fish from Starfeeding to smolt, says Preben.

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Expert training

VisitorsPosted by Jon-Birger Løvik Wed, October 12, 2011 11:49:57

yesterday, Manuel Godoy arrived. he come all the way from chile.

he will stay with us one small week and teach us "all" he knows, or as much as we can learn smiley

some call it knowledge exchange, but i think it is only one way. so he is actually teaching both Me and Preben.

Manuel is freshwater production manager in Salmones Humboldt.

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First veterinary visit

VisitorsPosted by Jon-Birger Løvik Tue, July 26, 2011 16:13:04

Today(26th june) should be the first day with veterinary, but unfortunally he could not manage to get here today.
He will come tomorrow. so I will post status after the visit.smiley

For those of you, who are anxious, this is only a routine visit.


Torben Nielsen, managing director in Aquasearch, who is also a veterinarian visited us today 27th june .
It was a very good and confirming visit.
He was introduced to our site, our plans, and of cource a check on our roe and yolk sac fry.
it was great to get such feedback. both mine and prebens resting pulse is now back to normal. as far as we know we have done "nothing" wrong, but it's satisfactory to have some one externally confirming our thoughts and operations.

We also had a initial discussion on how to keep the site "safe", concerning fish health and possible diseases and general bio-security.
The main objects are:
1: the enviroment close and around the farm(the nearest surroundings)
Everything under roof.
avoid trespassers
keep out the curious such as birds, dogs & people.
make barriers. which make people not cross. example: fence,gate,unnatural obstacles, signs.
ourselves and all the people working, employed or hired. have zones, divided into categories or levels.
2: visitors
must have quaratine of 48hrs or 3 days.
must be registered and sign on a TOA(terms of agrement).
must change outer clothes, change shoes, desinfect hands.
visitors should never touch anything.
3: water quality
check and control the kim numbers in the water regulary. this is for the water coming IN.

the most important is to identify all input, internally transfers and outputs. how they all interact and affects each other. for example; feed delivery, the post man, cargo delivery.

Torben also gave a lot of advices, about temperatur, hatching, startfeeding, handling, ph, oxygen.
I would like to thank Torben for beeing openminded and for sharing his supreme knowledge with us.

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